Hydropeptide Mega Mini Power Couple

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Brand: HydroPeptide
Article: HP7-P11
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Get addictively soft, hydrated skin with this anti-ageing power duo.


Set includes:

Travel Power Lift 5ml Travel Power Serum 20ml

+Collagen Supporting Peptides

+Wrinkle Relaxing Peptides Both reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles

Power Lift deeply hydrates Power Serum helps improve skin firmness and volume Our most powerful products come together to transform the appearance of your skin and maximize your results.

This ultimate age-defying duo uses collagen boosting and wrinkles relaxing peptides to leave your skin looking firmer, younger and more hydrated. For all skin types who want youth-boosting benefits.


1. Apply a small amount of Anti-Aging Power Serum to a clean face and neck.

2. Apply a small amount of Power Lift Face Moisturizer to face and neck.

3. May be used AM and PM.

4. During the day, follow with your favourite SPF. *Results may vary.

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