Moisturizing non-alcoholic tonic / TONIQUE HYDRATANT sans ALCOOL (200 ml)

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Brand: academie
Article: 1001001
AGE: any age
SKIN TYPE: all skin types
RANGES: Academie Visage
Categories: Cleansing and toning, Moisturizing
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Academy Moisturizing Non-Alcoholic Toner (TONIQUE HYDRATANT sans ALCOOL Academie) is one of the most popular and dearly loved by customers products! For its light, delicious apple flavour, it is also called the Academy's apple tonic. This is a very fresh and delicate tonic. It gently cleanses, softens and regenerates the skin. Easily removes makeup, tones and moisturizes, and evens out skin texture. Enriched with plant extracts, perfectly complements cleansing.


Does not contain alcohol or dyes.

For any type of skin, especially for dehydrated.


Active ingredients

12.8%: Original Apple Water: 10% Plant Moisturizing Agent: 2% Beetroot Extract: 0.5% Aloe Vera: 0.2% Mallow Extract: 0.05% Oat Extract: 0.05%

Mode of application:

After washing in the morning and evening, moisten a cotton pad with the tonic and apply on the face and neck. Works great in combination with milk-soft peeling or cleansing mousse from Academy. Result: The skin is perfectly cleansed, softened and restored.

  • AGE any age
  • SKIN TYPE all skin types
  • APPLICATION TIME universal
  • RANGES Academie Visage
  • Categories Cleansing and toning, Moisturizing
Irina D 07.06.2020, 02:05
Very fresh toner, I use it twice a day after cleanse. Very good clean skin and tonization. Highly recommend
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